MDCAT 2021 [10 Important Questions Asked By Students]

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MDCAT is medical and dental colleges admission test. This entrance test exam is taken from students who wants yo seek admission in medical colleges.

MDCAT 2021 [10 Important Questions Asked By Students]

Each year mdcat is held after FSC Part 2 exams. Students are given a period of 3-4 months for preparation. Usually mdcat is conducted by UHS Lahore in month of August. But MDCAT 2020 takes on 28 November 2020 by PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission). MDCAT 2020 result was announced by Pakistan medical commission (PMC) on 16th December.

Each year fresh students asks a lot of questions about mdcat on popular sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and on other social media sites. So, in this pursuit we tried to gather 10 most important questions about mdcat 2021.

These questions are asked about mdcat 2021 in general.

1. What is MDCAT?

MDCAT stands for medical and dental colleges in test. This test is taken after FSC from students. This is compulsory for admission in medical colleges of Pakistan.

2. How to get highest marks in mdcat?

Work hard day and night is the best answer to this question. Besides this you can take help from different books available in market like KIPS, Caravan. To prepare smartly for mdcat you can use android app like Easy MDCAT and Edupakistan.

3. What is difference between MCAT and MDCAT?

MDCAT is rebranded name of MCAT. Back in 2017, UHS Lahore renamed MCAT to MDCAT. Before 2017, MCAT was taken for admission in public and private medical colleges of Punjab.

4. What is the merit of mdcat 2021?

MDCAT 2021 closing merit for MBBS is 91.818. For BDS it is 91.7500. This is last merit of 1st merit list announced by UHS( University of Health Sciences) Lahore. reviews

5. When MDCAT 2021 will held?

MDCAT 2021 will held on 28 November 2021. This is not official date. On this date mdcat 2020 was conducted.

There are chances that mdcat 2021 will be conducted in August 2021.

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6. When will mdcat 2021 registration starts?

MDCAT 2021 registration will start in August 2021. Last year mdcat 2020 registration starts in October. But this year it will start in August or in early days of September.

7. What is best Academy for mdcat preparation?

KIPS is the best Academy for mdcat preparation. There are also other academies for mdcat preparation like Stars Academy, Step by PGC ect. free hosting in Pakistan

Of you wants to prepare online for mdcat then nearpeer is also a good option. But also check mobile apps like Edupakistan, Easy MDCAT and PrepareHow for best and cheap online preparation of mdcat 2021.

8. Can other province students apply for mdcat (MBBS) in Punjab?

Yes, other province like KPK, Sindh, Baluchistan and Gilgit students can apply for mdcat in punjab.

But they can get admission in MBBS only on reciprocal seats in medical colleges of Punjab.

9. How many Seats are there in MBBS?

There are 3358 seats for MBBS in Punjab. This is announced by university of Health Sciences Lahore earlier this year.

Total number of mbbs seats in punjab for public sector medical colleges

How many BDS seats are there in Punjab?

There are 220 BDS seats in public sector dental colleges of Punjab. This is officially announced by uhs gor mdcat 2021.

Total bds seats in punjab. There are 220 bds seats

These are the 10 important questions about mdcat 2021. If you found this article helping, then help others by sharing.

How can I download mdcat 2021 paper in pdf?

Mdcat 2021 paper pdf can be downloaded from below link. Thanks for your time.