MDCAT Syllabus 2021 [Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English PDF Download]

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If you are looking for pmc mdcat syllabus 2021, then you are at right place. From here you can download latest mdcat syllabus in pdf format. Syllabus of mdcat includes topics covered in 1st year and 2nd year Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English.

mdcat 2021 syllabus overview of marks distribution

Medical and Dental colleges admission test (MDCAT) is a mcqs (multiple choice questions) based medical entrance test. It is conducted nation wide by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). MDCAT is for students aspiring to pursue medical career in Pakistan.

national mdcat syllabus 2021

Uhs MDCAT entry test 2021 paper pattern is based on syllabus announced by PMC and University of Health Sciences Lahore. Syllabus of MDCAT is designed according to the FSC pre medical books of all four provinces of Pakistan. Click on download button to save mdcat 2021 syllabus in your device.

This Syllabus is latest. Announced by PMC on June 4th.

This includes common topics from Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English text books of 1st year and 2nd year of all provinces. So pmc mdcat syllabus 2021 pdf contains topics that are included in curriculum of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK.

Because of competition each year, mdcat is considered as one of the toughest entrance exam in Pakistan. Last year medical and dental colleges merit of mdcat was 91.4%.

Purpose of uhs MDCAT syllabus is to help aspirants in their preparation. If you wants to crack MDCAT, you must have planned a foolproof strategy. For that you need nmdcat 2021 syllabus because it gives a fair knowledge of allotment of marks, along with important topics that needed to be covered first.

NMDCAT Syllabus 2021 – Biology

11th Class Topics12th Class Topics
Cell structure and function Homeostasis
Biological molecules Support and Movement
Enzymes Coordination and control
Bioenergetics Reproduction
Biodiversity (Acellular life/variety of life) Variation and Genetics / Inheritance
Prokaryotes Chromosome and DNA/ Nucleic acid and protein synthesis
Protists and fungi Evolution
Diversity among plants & Diversity among animals Biotechnology/ Genetic Technology
Life process in animals and plants (nutrition/ gaseous exchange/transport Nervous & chemical coordination

Click here to view mdcat biology syllabus for 2021. 68 multiple choice questions will be taken from biology.

UHS MDCAT Syllabus 2021 Pdf- Chemistry

FSC Part 1 TopicsFSC Part 2 Topics
Introduction to fundamental concepts of chemistry s and p Block Elements
Atomic Structure Transition Elements
Gases Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
Liquids Chemistry of Hydrocarbons
Solids Alkyl Halides
Chemical Equilibrium Alcohols and Phenols
Reaction Kinetics Aldehydes and Ketones
Thermochemistry and Energetics of Chemical Reactions Carboxylic Acids
Electrochemistry Macromolecules
Chemical Bonding

Find detailed syllabus for mdcat Chemistry here. 56 mcqs will be taken from biology in national mdcat entry test 2021paper.

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2021 – Physics

11 Class Topics12 Class Topics
Force and Motion Electrostatics
Work and Energy Current Electricity
Rotational and Circular Motion Electromagnetism
Waves Electromagnetic Induction
Thermodynamics Electronics
Dawn of Modern Physics
Atomic Spectra
Nuclear Physics

Find in detail mdcat 2021 syllabus physics here. 56 questions will be taken from physics.

MDCAT Syllabus 2021 – English

English Syllabus
Structure of Sentence
Correct use of Subject Verb Agreement
Correct use of articles and prepositions
Use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization and punctuation
Mistakes in Sentences or short written texts

Explore MDCAT English Syllabus. English portion contains 20 multiple choice questions.

MDCAT Logical Reasoning Portion Syllabus

This year PMC adds another subject in mdcat paper. This is logical reasoning section. 10 questions will be asked in this section.

MDCAT Syllabus Analysis


The table below gives complete information about distribution of marks and weightage of topics in the Biology Section of medical colleges admission test. See detail:

ChapterTopicsNo. of MCQSWeightage (%)
Cell Structure and Function
  • Cell wall
  • Cytoplasm and cell organelles
  • Prokaryote and eukaryote
  • Fluid mosaic model
Biological Molecules
  • Introduction to biological molecules
  • Water
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Nucleic acids (DNA/RNA)
  • Conjugated molecules (Glycolipids, Glycoproteins)
  • Introduction/Characteristics of Enzymes
  • Mechanism of action of enzymes
  • Factors effecting rate of enzyme action
  • Enzyme inhibition
Bio Energetics
  • Photosynthesis
  • Role of light, water, CO2,/ Factors effecting photosynthesis
  • Production of ATP,
  • Electron transport chain
  • Light dependent and light independent phases/reactions,
  • Glycolysis/ Glycolytic pathway/Aerobic respiration
  • Oxidative phosphorylation/Cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation,
  • Anaerobic respiration (Respiration without oxygen)
Bio Energetics
  • Discovery of viruses,
  • Structure of viruses,
  • Classification of viruses,
  • Viral disease (For example AIDS)
  • Cellular Structure of bacteria
  • Shape and size of bacteria
  • Importance and control of bacteria
Protists and Fungi
  • Major groups among Protists (Algae (Plant like protists), Protozoa (Animal like protists
  • Characteristics of Protists
  • Characteristics of fungi
Diversity among plants
  • General introduction of plants,
  • Characteristics/Features of plants
Diversity among animals
  • Characteristics and diversity among the animals
Life Process in Animals and Plants
  • Carnivorous plants/ parasitic nutrition (pitcher plant, Venus fly trap, sundew)
  • Photosynthesis,
  • Osmotic pressure/potential
  • Water and mineral uptake by roots, Xylem and Phloem
  • Human heart structure,
  • Blood vessels
  • Lymphatic system,
  • Immune system
  • Mechanism of Homeostasis
  • Various nitrogenous compounds excreted during the process of excretion
  • Excretory
  • Structure and Function of Kidney
  • Thermoregulation in Human
Support and Movement
  • Muscles
  • Types of muscles ( Skeletal Muscles, Cardiac Muscles, Smooth Muscles)
  • Structure of Skeletal Muscles
Coordination and Control/Nervous and Chemical Coordination
  • Nervous System of Man
  • Transmission of Action Potential between Cells – Synapse
  • Hormones- The chemical messengers
  • Endocrine glands
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases- AIDS
Variation and Genetics/Inheritance
  • Mendel’s law of inheritance
  • Complete Dominance
  • Co-dominance
  • Multiple alleles
  • Gene linkages and crossing over
  • Sex linkages in drosophila
  • Sex linkage in human
Chromosome and DNA/Nucleic acid and Protein Synthesis
  • Chromosomes (Number of chromo, Structure of chromo, Composition and organization of chromosomes)
  • Concept of gen
  • DNA as heredity material
  • DNA replication
  • Gene expression
  • Gene Mutation
  • Concepts of Evolution
  • Inheritance of acquired characteristics
  • Darwinism’s
  • Neo-Darwinism’s
Biotechnology/Genetic Technology
  • Cloning of gene
  • Procedure of recombinant DNA technology
  • Polymerase chain reaction
  • DNA sequencing
  • Transgenic organisms
  • Biotechnology and healthcare
mdcat biology syllabus analysis
Analysis of Biology Syllabus- Edu4pak

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In below table given detailed version of syllabus for mdcat. Questions will be taken from this for uhs mdcat 2020 paper chemistry section.

Introduction to Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry 3 5
Atomic Structure 4 6.66
Gases 2 3.33
Liquids 2 3.33
Solids 2 3.33
Chemical Equilibrium 4 6.66
Reaction Kinetics 4 6.66
Thermochemistry and Energetics of Chemical Reactions 3 5
Electrochemistry 3 5
Chemical Bonding 3 5
s and p Block Elements 3 5
Transition Elements 3 5
Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry 3 5
Chemistry of Hydrocarbons 6 10
Alkyl Halides 3 5
Alcohol and Phenols 3 5
Aldehydes and Ketones 3 5
Carboxylic Acids 3 5
Macromolecules 3 5
Analysis of chemistry Syllabus
Analysis of Chemistry Syllabus- Edu4pak

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On the basis of national nmdcat 2020 paper , following topics will be included in physics section of medical college admission test 2021.

Topic (Chapter))No. of QuestionsWeightage (%)
Force and Motion 4 10
Work and Energy 4 10
Rotational and Circular Motion 4 10
Waves 4 10
Thermodynamics 2 5
Electro statistics 4 10
Current Electricity 4 10
Electromagnetism 2 5
Electromagnetic Induction 4 10
Electronics 2 5
Dawn of Modern Physics 2 5
Atomic Spectra 1 2.5
Nuclear Physics 3 7.5
Analysis of Physics Syllabus
Analysis of Physics Syllabus- Edu4pak

This will also boost your preparation :


TopicNo. of QuestionsWeightage (%)
Vocabulary 4 20
Tenses 4 20
Structure of Sentence 3 15
Correct use of Subject Verb Agreement 3 15
Correct use of articles and prepositions 2 10
Use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization and punctuation 2 10
Mistakes in Sentences or short written texts 2 10
Analysis of English Syllabus- Edu4pak
Analysis of English Syllabus

Wants to score full marks in mdcat English portion, these mcqs will help you.

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Is Sindh MDCAT syllabus same as Punjab MDCAT?

Yes, This year PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) conducts national mdcat. Its syllabus is same for all provinces of Pakistan.

Will there is negative marking in MDCAT 2021?

No, there will be no negative marking in mdcat 2021.

How many questions will be in MDCAT 2021?

There will be 200 mcqs based questions in mdcat 2021. This includes 80 from biology, 60 from chemistry, 40 from physics and 20 from english.

Are there any changes in mdcat 2021 syllabus?

No, there are no changes in mdcat syllabus 2021. However, the official notification regarding mdcat 2021 yet to be announced.

Can MDCAT 2021 questions be out of syllabus?

No, mdcat 2021 question will never come out of syllabus. If the case, then all students will be given full marks for that question.